Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cartman and Corgis

OK, so you have to admit there is something slightly wrong with the Welsh Corgi dog proving once again that the Universe does indeed have a sense of humor. If you don't know what a Corgi is, click here.

Recently, while lounging at a local bay-side beach, I noticed a woman walking her Corgi. As I was thinking, "Lady, did you not see the sign that says NO dogs on the beach after Memorial Day?" I realized that the dog was enjoying himself thoroughly, so I continued to watch without getting all righteous on the owner.

It was a very calm day on the water with an onshore breeze and an incoming tide (Craig, I do know the difference) and the waves were of the height to knock over my little friend Studley (see Trout Towers blog), so they were about 1.75 inches high. This Corgi was running, if you could call what a dog with legs a 1/2 inch high does, and leaping, yes, leaping over the lapping wavelets.

In fact, the resemblance to Eric Cartman was so strong that I started giggling. And laughing. Snorting in fact. Tears were flowing as dog's front end went up, then down, then the back end, went up, then down, to be repeated over and over again - a breaching of sorts.

Truly a vision of Cartmanesque-ness.

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