Saturday, September 8, 2007


What is it about people not thinking before speaking? I don't know about you, but that was a childhood lesson right up there with please and thank you. OK, we're all guilty of doing it, but I'm still appalled at what I hear.

Example #1: The last job I had was, initially, a great job. Until I began to notice the extremely high rate of employee turn over. Eeek. One of these numerous new hires was subjected to the always embarrassing "meet the new/current employees" gathering.** There were 5 people at the table. Four of whom already knew each other. I was odd man out. So I looked at the new hire and told her who I was and what I brought to the job. Including that I had a Master's degree. She was very nice and mentioned her qualifications (she had been CEO of a non-profit company, etc.) and that she never finished her MA as she didn't see the point. We laughed about that, but, not to be outdone, the boss jumped in and said, "well you should tell her what your MA is actually in, since it's not really relevant to what we do here."

WHAT?! When does higher education not matter? And, looking around, I realized I was the ONLY one with a MA at the table. Now, I do realize that an MA in European Renaissance Art History isn't currently in high demand, but it sure does make me an intelligent employee. Was I being put down for being more educated than anyone else at the table? Was she trying to make me look like an idiot since I had a degree that their new hire did not? Or was she just an imbecile?

Later that day, the new hire was being shown around the office, and upon entering my designated space in hell, the boss said, "this is where the marginal employees work" as her way of introducing it. Again, WHAT??? Was that really out loud? I'm going with the aforementioned imbecile conclusion. The new employee had the grace to look embarrassed but the boss kept rambling on unimpeded by propriety.

I wrote my notice that night and left the company shortly thereafter. Oh, I absolutely have to post here the job notice as it actually appeared on Craig's List (really!) advertising my vacated position. It was also the impetus for the woman who had been hired to replace me to depart forthwith.

Looking For A detailed orented Person With A Medical, Health Care , or Clinical Backround. Must Understand Progrm Consepts. Company Developes Programs For Doctors To Communicate With Patient Reserch. If intrested Please Call Maria or Mandy At 508-***-**** Or email Maria at [email address removed] The position Is a Permanent placememt full time with a salery of 40-60 thousand per yer based on Experience.
Location: Welfleet

I immediately sent my resume to the staffing agency that posted this since they clearly need a copy editor. Oh, make that my marginal resume.

Example #2: A person we know received a message, "We have a project and only need a moderately competent person to complete it. Would you be interested?" I don't think the call was returned.

Shouldn't you at least say please when asking someone to do something for you? Or is that now only moderately appropriate? Or just marginal?

**My friend Valerie was tortured by a similar experience - a new boss asked what he should say about her [this after 4 interviews with him]. She noticed that he had her name on his sheet as Natalie. She mentioned that she would like him to perhaps get her name right.

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Anonymous said...

yes, it was a major fuck up on my part, it was supposed to come out as a joke and it didn't. i talked with him, cried about it with him, and said i was sorry and i am an idiot.