Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shriek outs

Unlike a "shout out" - a "shriek out" is just that. When that is the only reaction that you could possibly have.

Yesterday was a banner day in the shriek department.

Shriek out #1: To my peeps at the Towers. Congrats on now having 7 cars, 5 adults, 2 children, 5 chickens, 1 dog and 1 cat. The shriek is for the addition of one adult-a new boyfriend who is SUPER nice.

Shriek out #2: The cost of getting my wedding dress cleaned. Yikes!

Shriek out #3: My small friend Studley. He, his mother & I were in the coffee aisle of Trader Joe's and I told here that there were two kinds of coffee that were really good (French Roast and Moka Java). She was in front of the unleaded versions and said, "they don't have that one in my weenie version." To which Studley used his outdoor voice and said "weenie! weenie!" The shopper next to us snorted as he walked by.

Shriek out #4: My friend Susan. For being brave enough to buy, and use, a new hair color.

Shriek out #5: Sarah's suggestion about meeting for lunch and then going to 4 Seas Ice Cream. Oh, and also for her fabulous house which is like an overflowing treasure chest.

Shriek out #6: For my Liz Kinder birthday present. Thank you Lady Trout.

Shriek out #7: To my indoor cat Mercedes. For calmly eating some plants outside and not running away after jumping out of the open kitchen window.

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Susan said...

Aaahh Shriek out!
Le Shriek, C'est Chic