Thursday, October 25, 2007

am I here yet?

Moving to CO was a little like moving to the next town. There was way too much crap to fit in all of the boxes (even though the Eastham Swap Shop LOVED me for a few days with my constant deliveries). Where does all of this stuff come from?? I mean really, did I actually buy all of that or, like 8th grade biology class taught us, was it all a result of spontaneous generation? That must be it.

The trailer, truck and car are all unloaded. Finally. Egads. The stove we bought in August was hooked up yesterday. Some new furniture arrived this morning. Dishes are unpacked and are in use. The coffee maker and tea pot have both been unearthed from their respective boxes. The new vacuum is still in its box and probably will stay there for some time yet. The much needed humidifier was turned on and goes through 2 gallons of water a day. The Venta Air Washer really is all they say it is and I'm not one for plugging a brand but with no deeescusting filters to touch or change, I was sold. So much for the household stuff.

A trip to the registry is planned for tomorrow. Well, that was in response to Pike Insurance going ahead and cancelling my MA policy without telling me. It expires Saturday. Oh well - nothing like the present. The registry is near the closest bowling alley so we're psyched to go and bowl a few frames while waiting.

It's still a little surreal being here though. We've spent all of our vacations here and everything was a mad rush to fit everything in and visit with our friends here. Now we can see them next week. Or the week after. My husband went skiing yesterday and that's when it hit him that we're here to live. Not me. Not yet.

Until I just read my friend Susan's blog about my leaving and wept. In public at Loaded Joe's. I'm here. Not there.

A new adventure indeed. Bittersweet and scary and exciting.

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