Saturday, October 27, 2007

cookin' with gas

Have you purchased a new stove lately? Did you need specific dimensions? Did it need to be a slide-in? Gas? We did. We bought a new appliance with a lot of specifications. The joys of married life indeed. After the avocado green one was determined to be too old and dangerous to work, we scampered to the nearest Sears outlet with Consumer Reports in hand and tried to pick a stove.

I love to cook. My husband loves to save money. We live at 9,000 ft above sea level so a convection oven was an option so that we could cook anything in under 2 days. With the other specs needed, we settled on a lovely black Maytag for less than I thought and more than my husband was expecting. Eek. The plumber finally came and adjusted the piping, Randy installed a new electrical outlet (gas uses electric pilots now) and voila! the stove was installed. Hooray, the house no longer smells like gas and all of the burners work.

Here's the first home cooked meal in a week (we've been living on take-out and sandwiches until now):
It's chicken marsala, pasta and we had artichokes that only took 45 min. to cook! Yes this is the corner of our kitchen. The little window looks into the "breakfast nook" which consists of a bench seat and countertop to eat at. Dining table to come.

Funny side story - we were in the front yard yesterday (the one I use a weed wacker to maow the lawn for) and the postmistress walked by (we live next to the p.o.). Her father used to own the house before Randy bought it and she grew up in it, so she has a slightly vested interest in what we are doing to the house. We told her the progress of the stove's installation and mentioned the old one that was in the house. To our surprise, it was original to the house when she moved into it in 1957. Was it really time to replace it??

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