Monday, October 29, 2007

doin' that tiki dance

For those of you who have never been, there is a great campy Chinese food restaurant in Hyannis called Tiki Port. It's been there as long as I can remember (30 years anyway) and I'm pretty sure that they have never updated it. The seats are red pleather, the walls dark and one room has a mural that goes around 2 walls. The third wall is all mirrors. The eats are cheap and good and the scorpion bowls make you giggle. We go there a lot.

It all began when I turned 21 and my friend Tricia brought me there (she had just turned 21 a month before) and the last thing I remember about that night is the 2nd headhunter and waking up at my house several hours later. No idea about what happened in between. On college breaks, we would go there, since as I mentioned before, eats are cheap and scorpion bowls make you giggle. Then I moved to Western MA and then VT and managed to return to the Port as often as I could manage.

After moving back to the Cape, during my job with the publishing company, I met a fellow Tiki (and Ring Ding) soul mate named Jenny. At last!! She too worshipped as frequently as possible at the Port and we were instantly friends for life. We even managed to get there and back on our lunch break on a number of occasions. We introduced our boyfriends to each other there. Her boyfriend ended up working with my friend Val's husband in Boston and then the four of us became six. When I left the publishing company, Jenny & I enthusiastically maintained our Tiki friendship and met there once a month to keep in touch and eat Tiki goodness. And so it evolved into many forays to the 'big city' - sometimes birthdays were celebrated there (Jenny's ended in a Ring Ding "cake" - more about Ring Dings in another blog) and we managed to have two going away parties there before we left for CO.

We're coming back to visit the Cape at Xmas so the appropriate emails were sent announcing our impending arrival and the need for Tiki. Jenny's boyfriend Jack sent me this:

I was in Hyannis this weekend and I saw Tikiport Boarding up the restaurant. They said they couldn’t afford to stay open without the large sums of money that you guys were dumping into the place. I told them that you were in Colorado so look for a Tiki opening near you soon!

Always the practical joker that one... See you there in December!

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TikiJen said...

Yay!!! Thanks for making me famous on your blog, Liz!!! :-) Just so you know, Jack and I almost went a-Tiki-ing last weekend but ended up at Uno's instead; it just didn't feel right to Tiki sans the McDs. Although...I don't know how long I'll really be able to hold out before I cave and stuff my face with those scallion pancakes and eggrolls I love so better get back here fast!!