Thursday, October 4, 2007

the missing link

What is the phenomenon in women that causes pants' hemlines to rise alarmingly but not fashionably, purses to expand in enormity, and eye wear to increase in size and grotesqueness as they age?

This phenomenon crosses all fashion, ethnic, economic and social boundaries - go check it out. See for yourselves - the grocery store is a great place to start.

Perhaps it is inherent in women themselves? Seriously, is this something we all have to look forward to as we age? Is this the one vital thing our mothers forgot to tell us when they gave us the birds & bees, boys, growing up, drugs, roles in society and responsibility lectures in hopes we would be prepared for the big scary world?

Maybe it was too much for them to bear telling us that as we got "older," not only would our life, love, beauty and happiness diminish (in theory), but that the very most basic items of our female lives - purses, glasses and pants - would so unstylishly spiral out of control?

Is there a correlation between responsibility and hemlines? A link between obligation and handbags? Maturity and spectacles?

1 comment:

Susan said...

you forgot footwear. Practical yet hideous footwear.

We have a deal though, no? I keep an eye on your hemlines etc., you keep an eye on mine and neither of us spirals out of control.

Where's my lunch?!?!?!