Tuesday, October 23, 2007

well, we're on battle mountain

The journey across country was uneventful - the cats only howled for the first 2 hours each day and then passed out from exhaustion. By the time we hit Buffalo, we figured out that if you covered the back seat and made it dark and let them out of their crates, they thought that they were under the bed. Sweet! Voila! No more meowing. They love Motel 6 now too.

Things to ponder - as you travel westward, the people get nicer (seriously!) and the bathrooms get cleaner. Also, in Iowa & Nebraska, we did not see one non-Caucasian working in the travel stops' fast food chains. The country is far bigger than you think it is and it makes the chaos and concentrated populations of the East Coast very outstandingly ugly.

Dilemma - where do we watch the Red Sox vs. Rockies baseball game?? Do we hunt down other East Coast transplants and hang with them? Do we keep quiet with our friends here - all avid Rockies supporters? Do we stay home and watch Law & Order?

Here's what we left (camera phone photo - sorry):

And here's what greeted us in Denver (again, camera phone sorry):

Nothing like a sunset over the Rockies. Except 8" of snow the next day! Glad we put the shovels on top of the other stuff.

Where's my snowboard?