Saturday, November 17, 2007

the cafe question

What is it about coffee shops? On any given weekday you can go into any given coffee shop anywhere and see dozens of people milling about, casually sipping and eating and reading and it's freakin' noon on a Tuesday and you're like, don't these people work? Don't they have jobs? Families? Lives? They can't all be students and trustafarians and musicians in struggling rock bands who live at home with their moms. Or computer technicians drumming up work.

Right now, they are allegedly musicians who are singing Franki Valli tunes while the Doors are playing on the stereo. They look kind of old to be living at home, but with the size of some of the homes around here, their parents probably don't even know they are even there. Maybe displaced ski school instructors?

Since the phenomenon called the internet is unknown in the town I live in now, I've had to spend a considerable amount of time in coffee shops and libraries. Shamelessly enjoying chais in the former and taxpayer's money in the latter while looking for work, IMing friends, working on my websites, reading emails, blogging and sitting on comfy chairs. Oh yes, and enjoying my temporary reprieve from the working world. Of which sphere, I might add, I have rejoined as of last Monday. So, I've had a lot of time to observe this social group.

I know we are designed, weaned, trained from Day 1 to be productive members of society. And we are heavily guilted into believing that must involve some sort of droning repetitive pod-like dress-coded work for a larger corporate cause, a consumerist mechanism, a nice happy conglomerate. But, I have no idea how people come in here EVERY day! Egads! Don't they get sick of the food selection at least? The same people all day. If this were a bar, they'd be the town drunks. Wouldn't the conversation get dull? If you don't work and see the same people in the same place day after day, I mean, wouldn't you run out of things to say? Interesting things anyway?

Is the cafe question purely rhetorical or is there an explanation?

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