Saturday, November 17, 2007

the duke of disaster and princess pansy

Susan told me that when one lives in CO, one assumes a new identity, a persona if you will. She had her alter ego. Shannon had hers. However, she then mentioned that I already had my CO persona going on even in MA, so never fear change. Always fear change.

Now, I fear my husband has assumed his. The self proclaimed Duke of Disaster has emerged in full force, complete with new facial hair which includes a full goatee and side burns ala Elvis. He is still completely hot so I don't mind one bit. Here comes the disaster part. He telemarks. For those of you who don't know what that is, look here. Rumor has it around town from when he lived here previously, that he is the king of explosions. Back in my Mount Snow days, we'd call when skiers fell, spectacularly or not so much, while simultaneously losing most of their equipment across the trail, as having a "yard sale." He goes from a yard sale straight to full explosion and has made a name from himself for the regularity of which he accomplishes this miraculous feat. The Duke of Disaster rules.

Since I am a chicken, complete with pompadour, and refuse to get off my snowboard to learn to tele, I am now Princess Pansy. It's great being a princess finally. Next week when the mountain finally opens, I will insist on getting my out-of-shape royal bottom on the less than royal chair lift right to the top and then take the sissy (read sissy for CO - double diamond in VT) trails down back to the bottom. Let the Duke have the back bowls. Pansy indeed.

But, will we be able to change, chameleon-like, back into our not as exotic East Coast personas on the plane back to MA?? Will our adoring public, oops, friends, recognize us?

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