Monday, January 28, 2008

Susan, this one's for you

I have a friend. A level A1 friend. That's the kind where you pick up the phone and just start talking. She's made me laugh, cry and pee my pants. Yes, really. We've talked about everything there is to talk about and lived parallel lives until we met. I've talked to her belly when she was pregnant (twice) and didn't care who saw me. I love her children beyond all reason. Who knew that there really could be that kind of person out there.
So my friend, here's a small gift for you. I lived your parallel CO life for just a brief moment and it was great.
Here I am and I LOVE this trail. Yes, I am wearing a helmet and there is not a short bus to be found anywhere.

Sunday: Up the Summit Express to Mozart to Santiago Express to North Peak to Fox Trot to Outback Express to the Outback (11,980' above sea level). This is the view looking towards Breck. Down Porcupine (my favorite) back up and then down Elk Run to Wayback lift to Starfire back up Santaigo to Prospector to Mozart to Ruby Express to Wild Irishman to Montezuma Express to Spring Dipper/Santa Fe and then to the condo at Timber Ridge. All while giggling uncontrollably and thinking of you.

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Susan said...

Woohoo!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

I think I need to go have a drink at the base after reading all that.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

Am getting Chris to practice singing "Reunited" in preparation for April.