Monday, January 21, 2008

wool anyone?

Today it was -15 degrees at our house. Shirley barely turned over and after a half hour warm up, the stick shift actually moved. Yikes! It snowed over 43" last week alone and more is on the way. The glorious blue bird sky and soaring temps of 45 made it all worth it yesterday as we snow shoed along Meadow Mountain. On the cliff side across from us were a dozen elk doing elk-like things. Magpies soared overhead and squawked their "lovely" songs. Then, later as night fell and the full moon bounded over the horizon, all of the snow reflected the moonlight and it was beautiful. A perfect Colorado winter's day and night. Breathtaking all of it. But guess what, it's snowing again...

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Susan said...

Breathtaking in a "someone please restart my heart" sort of way? Just reading -15 degrees makes me wheeze.

I do remember it always being below zero for a couple weeks this time of year. And then it was above zero and feeling quite balmy. Balmy is a relative term.

It is raining here, which pleases the chickens because their water has been freezing despite the multi-million dollar HEATED BIRDBATH we bought from Matt. Eggs are around $5 each now.