Saturday, May 17, 2008

on a sunny spring day in colorado springs

If you ever get a chance to visit Colorado Springs, make a point of going to the Garden of the Gods. Nature is truly amazing.

You may even get to see future Olympic champions (or wishful hopefuls anyway) racing around the Olympic Training Center's Velodrome.

Friday, May 16, 2008

where to start?

My posting enthusiasm seemed to have dimmed over the past 6 months as I struggled with no readily available Internet access, 500" of snow, working in a retail clothing shop (NEVER AGAIN) and generally living an upside down life 2 miles above sea level. I just never seemed to find the time to talk about anything.

Where to begin the story, hmm let's see. At the end of course. I'm sitting at my friend Val's computer since my Mac won't talk to her network. My Mac Book Pro that I will be paying off for the rest of my life. So, forgive the text with no phun photos. I'll post some when I'm at one of my many Internet pit stops between here and Wellfleet (thank you Susan, the Comber and the library).

Oh yes, I am back on Cape Cod, living at a friend's house and out of my car with no cats and no husband. Fun you say? Think again. I did get married to spend the rest of my life with one person and although many of my married friends cannot WAIT to get away from their husbands (this always saddens me - why did you get married to someone you have to get away from?), I am miserable without him. I feel that half of me is just not there. He doesn't define me, he makes me a better person. I wish that for all marriages, otherwise, what's the point?

He's still in CO finishing a job that could put a down payment on a house here (more on that later) and waiting for the snow to stop so he can put a roof on the house there. Another 30" of snow has fallen since May 1 and I hear that Aspen is going to open for the weekend. It's raining here on Cape Cod. And gray. And damp. And LOTS of pollen and bugs. Neither of which are at altitude. Just snow.

My very generous friend Val, who is hosting my spring residency at the moment is very sick, has a toddler boy, a husband, 2 dogs and a cat all demanding places on her attention pole. I'm trying to keep as tiny a footprint in their busy house as possible so as not to disrupt the flow of things here. And there is indeed a flow - a very fast one at that. My minimal presence here is easy because I have 3 jobs. Yes 3. You see, I took a job at a ski shop this winter and although karmically it was a great thing to do as I was helping out 2 friends, financially it was a disaster and I am hemorrhaging money. No good deed goes unpunished. Living on credit cards is no way to be and that became my existence. I see how people really get into trouble so quickly when the car breaks down, bills need to get paid, groceries bought, unexpected expenses arise and the income is remains so limited.

Employers seem to be the same everywhere. $10-12/hour seems to be the "top dollar" anyone is willing to shell out and then they complain that the employees stink. What the hell do you want for $10? You get what you pay for. What would happen if you thought of employees as one of your company's assets rather than as a financial liability? One of my employers does just that. Funny with this attitude they seem to have many employees who have been with them for over 15 years whereas many companies can't keep anyone over a year (national average). Funny that their loyalty to their employees results in employees' loyalty to them. Kudos to the Wellfleet Beachcomber.

My trip across country at the end of April was fantastic. Our friend Mike, who is a white water river rescue instructor (Mather Rescue) among many other things, was actually headed to New England from CO. He agreed to tow my car, we met in Denver at 11am on a Monday and by Tuesday 9:30pm we were pulling into his girlie's house in RI. Nice. Sleeping more than a few hours was not an option but I didn't mind. Really. He was excellent company and we talked about everything. I have to say that he is truly one of the most interesting people I know. I wasn't even worried about spending 30+ hours in a car with someone I didn't know super well. First stop - Chic Fil A. Excellent. Second stop - Nowhere Nebraska. Really, that is what the sign said. Many cokes, snacks, combos, Twinkies, Maid Rites (in Iowa only), Subways, truck stops, candy and one unauthorized pit stop (made by me of course) later, we arrived in New England to be greeted by Stouffer's french bread pizzas - my favorites. How did they know?

Saying good bye to my friends in Vail was sad. When you work so closely with people for a long period of time, they do indeed get to be like family. I really liked everyone I worked with and now see why the shop continued to do as well as it does. The manager, who is one of my husband's best friends, keeps the crew together & happy (despite the owner's best efforts to the contrary) I will miss them and truly hope to see them again. Saying good bye to my husband and cats was miserable.

So now my life goes on after my winter adventure. Onto the summer!