Sunday, August 24, 2008

cape cod turkey?

I do like turkey. Smothered in all the goodness that comes with the tradition of Thanksgiving. Not so much in a sandwich or sausage. Oh my, I am hungry again apparently.

Early this morning as I was careening to a tea date at the South Wellfleet General Store, I almost provided the holiday dinner in advance. Directly in my path were a dozen wild turkeys. Eight of which were youngsters/large chicks? What does one call a mostly grown up turkey anyway?

Turkey factoid: European explorers took Wild Turkeys to Europe from Mexico in the early 1500s. They were so successfully domesticated in Europe that English colonists brought them back with them when they settled on the Atlantic Coast. The domestic form has retained the white tail tip of the original Mexican subspecies, and that character can be used to distinguish wandering barnyard birds from wild turkeys which have chestnut-brown tail tips.

Historical note: What is Cape Cod Turkey? Dried salt cod does not make a very exciting of dish, so 17th & 18th century New Englanders took to calling it (facetiously) Cape Cod turkey. Here's the recipe: Mix oysters, shrimp, bread cubes with spices; onion and garlic. Add wine and oil. Wash Cod inside and out leaving moist. Stuff with dressing and bake at 10 minutes on bake (medium) in microwave until fish flakes. Turn once halfway through cook time.

I need lunch.

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Susan said...

thank goodness. I was afraid it was like Rocky Mountain Oysters (which they sell at Coors Field, btw).