Thursday, August 14, 2008

living in limbo

Coming back from CO posed one major problem - housing. We gave up a spectacularly beautiful apartment here when we moved out West. When we decided to come back, there was that terrible housing specter looming in front of us. Choosing to live in a seasonal community presents the issue of housing availability for more than a week at a time. And under $1,000 a week.

My friend from college let me stay with her when I came back from CO in May and that was fine except that my commute to a hourly job was 50 miles a day. Gas prices being what they are, I started losing money in a hurry just driving to work. My husband and I had agreed to rent a room from a brother of a friend (which cuts the commute to less than 10 miles a day) for an ungodly amount of money a month - oh well, can’t win for trying. I was back in the money pit that actually started during the winter (see previous entries). Finally hubby came back from CO in July so we could start looking for a house.

Turns out that this friend is going through a long and bloody divorce and we walked into the middle of combat. We live in a renovated garage with our two cats and the the house is now on the market to pay off the divorce. Lots of people constantly in and out with showings, his kids’ schedules and visitations (he does love his kids a ton which is awesome) and various other sociabilities. EGADS, what have we gotten into? On top of his constantly calling creditors, now the cable has been turned off. Waiting for the electricity to go next.

As social as we are and as much as we enjoy our friends, our “home,” wherever that may be, must be our sanctuary at all times. I’ve worked hard to keep that barrier against negativity, ill will, and bad intentions up and functioning around whichever sacred space I/we call home. All the places I’ve lived have been a haven in a world of chaos. I have to say, that despite the hours of cleansing and casting, this place is sucking us dry. There is so much discord and negative energy here, which I feel has been here for a long time, that this hurdle seems unbearably hard to overcome. We are finding ourselves depressed and unmotivated. Negative and apathetic. I can’t even cook here. I like to cook and take care of my little family and that is impossible to do here. When a Virgo girl can't take care of and nurture something, she may as well evaporate. So we decided to leave. Back to the rental issue noted earlier. A vicious cycle indeed.

Through all of this, we have decided to stay here and not go back to CO. This is where our friends and family are, and if you’ve read my blog, you know how important they are to us. Besides, as one friend who lived in Vail recently noted, Vail is full of vampires anyway, so we shouldn’t be sad to be away from there. But I DO love CO. Really. And I want to put the house on a flatbed and haul it out here. Tough decision. That lead to “let’s buy a house here” and so we’ve been looking, but not finding anything. Compounded with looking for the rental housing - the spiral continues.

But then, a small ray of light pierced the dark clouds. Trout Towers had a major personnel exodus resulting in the family being able to move into more spacious accommodations on the first floor. Which led to me jokingly saying to Lady Trout, now we can move in. Haha. Careful what you wish for as her response was, when can you arrive? OMG - really? REALLY???? Should I start the squealing now? Don’t joke with a Virgo about these things. As luck would have it, she really wasn’t kidding and we are indeed moving to Trout Towers. OMG again. Get us out of here. Let the squealing commence.

This isn’t a “out of the frying pan and into the fire” kind of thing which I usually get myself into, but a bona fide wonderful and unforeseeable turn of events. This is great for everyone. They don’t want tenants who will stay for years, we need a place to call home until we either find or build in the next several months and the rent exchange works out nicely to help keep the chickens fed. We like eggs.

More to come.

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