Tuesday, November 4, 2008

who's pc? not me

In a world where everything is PC (in both senses of the word), I never expected to have access to something that not everyone else does. There is gloating. I, who am hopelessly square, and revel in that squareness, I who not only know what a Polaroid camera is, but actually used one at her wedding (ok, I shamelessly stole the idea of having a photo guest book from Shannon) and proceeded to marry the man who owned it. You remember those cameras that were a couple hundred bucks when they came out in the 70's and used some toxic waste that children in a third world country had to handle in order to get instant gratification from seeing our newly taken photos? Who didn't peel the back off to see what was inside? Did you touch it?

Now, your pencil/phone/shoe/whatever takes as many photos as you want whenever you want. It's so passe to take photos now. Not that they are even called photos - they are "digital images" in our never ending quest to be oh so PC - we mustn't offend the traditional photo.

But wait! I never though that the Polaroid would make a comeback and it would be so COOL!
This was a "digital image" (I am SOOO PC) that was passed through a Mac program called Poladroid. Yes, I ditched the PC for a Mac if you haven't tuned into this channel previously. Does that make me more or less PC?

OMG I love this program. You get fingerprints and smudges. And the crazy chemical green haze. You get to watch it develop on your desktop and the "camera" makes that "ch-cheeeee-click" too. Thank you Aaron. Sorry you can't use it cuz you only have a PC and PCs can't use this yet... More gloating. Go to http://www.poladroid.net/ and check out all the images that have been submitted. Super cool.

(photo above is from the Wellfleet Oysterfest)